Welcome to your new site

Ok folks, here is the re-vamped website for Wessex Association of Driving Schools. I have copied most of the information from Bob’s site to this one. Now is the time to open it up to members for review. Please send me your comments, good or bad, and I will do my best to implement your suggestions.

For now, the address is wessexads.ddns.net, but this is temporary. Once I get the thumbs-up from members saying that they are happy with it, I will move it to the domain owned by the association.

You will see an area for members only. If you sign up for it, your registration will be marked as pending. If you could then send me your email address aither via the whatsapp group, or direct to me, then I will mark your registration as active, at which point you will be able to see the members area. This is to stop any old Joe Blogs from registering.


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