How to see the Members Only section

Since I have not had any members sign up yet, I thought it would be worthwhile me writing a few words on how to sign up.

Click on the “Member Login” menu item. You should be presented with this:

Click on “Join Us”. You should be presented with this:

  • Make up a username
  • Enter your email address
  • Make up a password and enter in the Password field and Repeat Password field
  • Enter a First Name and Last Name
  • Click “Register”

This will cause an email to be sent to me to say that someone has registered. I will then verify you are a member of the association and complete your registration, after which you can log on via entering your username and password in the Member Login login screen that you get when you click on the Member Login menu item.

Once you have logged in, a new menu item will be available called “Members Only”. I have started poulating this with test routes that I have picked up from Bridgit and Tony.

Let me know what you guys think. When people are happy with what they see, I will get the domain name changed to the the one owned by the association.

Also, all instructor’s contact details were obtained from the existing association site. I am conscious that this may be out of date and not even include all our members. Do send me your up to date details so that I can add them to the site.

All the best, Mike.

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